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  • Stem Cell Silk Nano 24k Gold Serum 30 ml

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    Essential ingredients like 24k Gold help to nourish the skin and anti inflammatory, Samhealthyskin Silk Nano Stem Cell 24k Gold serum 30 ml improve skin softness and suppleness. It also contains vital ingredients like algae which is for nourishment and soothes the dry skin, hydrolyzed collagen which is the main protein in connective tissue is used in anti aging treatment, strengthener and skin elasticity improver. The tea tree is an essential oil that contains anti fungal, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties and soothes inflammation. Aloe Vera botanical juice heals, moisturizes and soothes inflammation. The 24k gold contains antioxidant and anti inflammatory. 

    Promotion: Buy one Samhealthyskin stem cell silk nano 24k Gold serum 30 ml, we ship you two free skin care gifts:  BB Ginseng cream light color tone 50 ml and Pure 24k Gold Ginseng moisturizer 50 ml 

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