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  • Samhealthyskin 24K Gold Luxury skin care set

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    Samhealthyskin 24K Gold Luxury skin care set: Samhealthyskin 24k Gold Ginseng Moisturizer 50 ml +24k Gold serum cavair lightener 30 m + seaweed milk cleanser 120 ml + BB Ginseng cream Light color tone 50 ml.

    Samhealthyskin Pure 24k Gold Moisturizer with multi peptides, multi vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, seaweed, 24k gold, ginseng, collagen for improvement in skin elasticity, moisturizes, soothes and collagen production.  

    Samhealthyskin seaweed Milk cleanser has the rosemary leaves, chamomile, mango butter, aloe vera used for rejuvenation, moisturizes and emollient to the skin. It also has almond butter for forming a protection film against impurities and improves barrier skin function. 

    Samhealthyskin BB Ginseng cream has the protectant from environmental stressors such as sunlight and environment pollution from aging of facial skin, moisturizing, hydration. It also can act as concealer, primer and foundation to the skin.

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