• Ultra Pure 24K Gold German Ginseng Cleanser 130 ml / 4.39 Fl Oz with Vitamin C for simple moisturizing facial wash

    $90.00 $30.00

    This gentle exfoliating German ginseng cleanser ( 130 ml/ 4.39 Fl oz ) with Vitamin C contains 24K gold with natural plant extracts and herbal extracts for soft supple smooth skin foundation for simple moisturizing facial wash. It has ingredient that provides antioxidant, boosts collagen production as well as brightening properties. The cleanser is specially formulated with conditioner ingredient so as to provide barrier protection function, balancing oil production as well as anti-bacterial agent to the skin. In addition, the cleanser moisture and easily absorbed into the skin which is a dramatically different moisturizing lotion from other cleansers.

    Natural herbal extracts, fruit extracts, Plant extracts, German Ginseng, Ultra Pure 24K Gold, Vitamin A and Vitamin C

    Made in USA

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