• Bio marine collagen Cream ( 50 ml / 1.69 Fl Oz )

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    Samhealthyskin® Bio marine collagen cream is a highly effective moisturizer and emollient that softens lubricates and protects the skin from dryness as well as revitalizes moisturizes skin. This collagen cream moisturizer acts to improve firmness allowing the skin to be soft and glowing.

    Excellent results are achieved when used with Samhealthyskin® seaweed milk cleanser for cleansing and Samhealthyskin® Ginseng nourishing cream at night or Samhealthyskin® Ultra-Pure Gold serum for additional benefits to the skin softness.

    Functions include pore refining, moisturizing, reduce redness and anti aging.

    Samhealthyskin® Bio marine collagen cream is highly recommended for all types of non-problem skin.

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    Made In USA

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