• Seaweed acne + Oily skin treatment cleanser (130ml / 4.4 Fl Oz )

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    Samhealthyskin® Seaweed Acne + Oily skin Treatment cleanser is specially formulated for skin cleansing with anti-bacterial effects; has natural soothing properties and pH balances on the skin; and for people with oily skin. This acne treatment cleanser contains certified natural organic plant and certified organic fruit extracts ingredients for anti-aging, anti-oxidant as well as exfoliation properties. It visibly firms the skin to reveal a smooth, soft, supple and soothed skin.

    This Seaweed Acne Treatment cleanser can be used for oily skin, acne skin,problem skin and infected skin.

    It can be used for face and body cleansing.

    Products for acne skin cosmetics. Skin treatment and skin benefit pimple solution for acne skin.  Face skin care for skin care on oily skin treatment skincare for wrinkles.It is a moisturizer with an anti aging anti acne face wash solution for deep cleansing and pH balance.

    Made in USA.

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