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  • Samhealthyskin Hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen with Vitamin C 6000 mg (480 ml /16 Fl Oz)

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    Samhealthyskin® Hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen plus Vitamin C with marine collagen, Biotin, Hyaluronic acid 6000 mg is a safe and effective natural dietary supplement that contains essential amino acids and other ingredients with antioxidants supporting strong bones and weight loss as well as healthy skin.

    Samhealthyskin Hydrolyzed Liquid vitamin C Collagen Type 1 and 3 is also sugar free safe for diabetics to consume.

    Hydrolyzed Liquid vitamin C Collagen supplements for skin main ingredients are ascorbic acids and hydrolyzed collagen (5000 mg ). Hydrolyzed marine collagen contains the properties of antioxidant; anti-aging treatment; strengthener; skin elasticity improver as well as anti inflammatory property.

    The marine collagen like the ascorbic acids has the property of the protectant, boost collagen production for anti-aging treatment, anti oxidant and brightening effects for the skin. 

    The Liquid collagen has specially formulated with Biotin vitamin that assists in the strong hair and repair of skin tissues

    In addition, it has Hyaluronic acid that promotes collagen production for anti aging, hydrates and heals the skin. 

    Botanical extract such as horsetail extract which is a plant that increases collagen and elastin production as well as soothes inflammation. It contains astringent property with strengthening property.

    Directions: Shake well. Adults take 1 or 2 measuring tablespoon 1 oz (30 ml) daily. Each serving is one tablespoon of 15 ml each time. May be taken directly or mixed in water or juice.

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